she may contain the urge to run away, but hold her down with soggy clothes and breezeblocks.
(em Somewhere Near The Sun)

'new me? people say i'm a marshmallow!'
a long time ago, we used to be friends, and after all this time, I’ve done nothing more but think of you, my marshmallow. now it’s the time, keep cool, soda pop, we’ve just been pulled back in! @theveronicamarsmovie #veronicamarsmovie (em Mars)

"it’s a lonesome track,
and a narrow road."

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Once I heard Florence & The Machine version of this song, with the same (original - Mystery Jets) instrumental, I thought it would fit nicely to put them together, even if there are some differences in voices and vocalization, it feels like they were supposed to fit together this way.

I’ve been building an ultimate indie playlist of my own, with everything I love and feel like I can dance to. It’ll be evergrowing and upbeat. I’m still working on it and I’d love if someone (anyone) would ever collaborate. Anyone?

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and I’ve only got so near - illuminate me - I’ve only gone so far - illuminate me - and I’ll walk another country mile. (em Key of Fol-de-rol)

Blues Réquiem - Teaser

My final assignment on college. An almost-short-movie called Blues Réquiem. I completely forgot to put something about it, so here goes the teaser. For those who appreciate Laura Marling, and I know I’ve got plenty of you down here, the song I used in that teaser is ‘Take The Night Off’ from Once I Was An Eagle. 

Hope those who’ll see it, appreciate it like it did co-writing & filming it (then editing and finalizing and presenting it).

Blues Réquiem - Teaser from Deyvid Guimarães on Vimeo.